The current housing crisis means that a whole generation can’t afford to get on the housing ladder or are priced out of renting. 

The Challenge

To identify and connect supporters of housebuilding with the planning process and give them a voice with political decision makers in a quick, simple, and efficient way.

Our Approach

Through research and digital testing, we developed an understanding of what motivates supporters of housebuilding to take a simple action and created targeted psychographic messaging prompting them to get involved.


Through our unique insight into supporters of housebuilding, we are establishing a wide community of supporters.

To date we’ve delivered: a multilayered digital brand that uses proven messaging across social media platforms and a purpose-built portal that enables anyone to check on schemes in their area and to add schemes for free to the site.

The Results

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JBH community
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projects nationwide
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Thousands of new homes approved
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Monthly reach of 200k+ across social media platforms