Millions of owner-managed small businesses operating as a limited companies were left out of Government Covid-19 support schemes putting 7.5 million jobs at risk, despite financial funding being made available to employees and the self-employed. 

The Challenge

To raise awareness of the plight of small business owners in the media, mobilise and connect those affected with the purpose of putting pressure on the Treasury and No 10 to include Limited companies in their financial support packages. 

Our Approach

With a dedicated team of small business owners sought to develop public and private Facebook communities, to become the engine of the campaign. Found, mobilised and trained community activists on social media skills, to promote the campaign across a range of social media platforms.  Actively sought press and stakeholder engagement contacting and liaising with MPs, Treasury officials, business groups and regional Mayors nationwide.


Turned the Forgotten Limited campaign into the voice for Limited Company directors excluded from support during the Covid-19 pandemic. Developed close relationships with politicians leading to the set up an All-Party Parliamentary Group to raise concerns in the house. Ran roundtables with Confederation of British Industry (CBI)and other business organisations to develop proposals for Government. Obtained extensive media coverage with key people regularly appearing on television, radio and in print highlighting the issues and personal stories to increase awareness.

The Results

Built an active community of 11k+ within two months.

Government backed loans granted to Limited Companies.

VAT Referrals granted to Limited Companies.

Endorsement from dozens of MPs, regional Mayors and business organisations.

Powerful campaign video of small business seen by millions nationwide.